30dolls Male Realistic Sex Doll Liam 170cm Hot Muscular Love Doll For Women

Male Realistic Sex Doll Liam 170cm Hot Muscular Love Doll For Women

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About Liam:

If you are the lady whose pussy gets wet when she sees a real and powerful man roaming around you having the dick erect in his pants, then, don’t worry at all about your sexual desires because I am, Liam is here for you to fuck you, to make love with you and to rip your pussy apart with master and powerful strokes. I love the gym workout and maintain my physique up to the best of abilities so that I could fuck you deep in the pussy with full might. I have 7 inches big dick which is going to be in your beautiful mouth. I am going to Rub my dick at your lips and then slightly will slide down to rub at your drooling boobs. You know my dick remains in a standing position all night and I was always looking for someone who could take it deep inside her so that I could feel a little relaxed. You would be surprised to know that despite having sex several times a day and at night, you won’t get pregnant. Is it sound powerful and amazing?

I have six-packs of body. My chest is strong and hairless. As I would start rubbing my chest on your breasts, you won’t be able to hold for a little longer and would desperately ask me to fuck you. I am also crazy to hear your moaning while being fucked in the pussy and ass. My demand is on continuously on the rise because I don’t cheat on anyone. I just remain committed to my lady and just fuck only her and do not show interest in anyone else unless you are with me. Believe me that thoughts of breaking your virginity are disturbing me continuously and I am being crazy about this.

♥Doll Sizes:


Height 170cm (5’7)

Bra Size N/A

Bust 82cm (32.3″)

Underbust 74cm (29.1″)

Waist 69cm (27.2″)

Hips 96cm (38″)

Shoulder Width 43cm (16.9″)

Arm Length 62cm (24.4″)

Leg Length 86cm (33.9″)

Foot Length 25cm (9.84″)

Weight 48kg (105lbs)

Penis Length 21cm (8.6″)

Penis Girth 15.3cm (6″)

Anal Depth 15cm (5.9″)

Materials TPE Body, Silicone Head, Metal Skeleton

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