Buy Life Size Full Body Sex Doll Alexis 168cm Japanese TPE Love Dolls

Buy Life Size Full Body Sex Doll Alexis 168cm Japanese TPE Love Dolls

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About Alexis:

Alexis  was the stepmother of my best friend. I often used to go to their house and play with my best friend.Alexis  used to join me and my best friend when we played. I often used to stare at her boobs which I thought very sexy.

One day I went to their house and my best friend wasn’t there. So, Alexis  asked me to sit and play with her if possible. I did it because I wanted to fuck her and it was a deep wish in my heart. Now, while chatting with her, she said that she knew how I stare at her boobs.

I was scared that she would tell my best friend. But, she said that she wouldn’t tell anyone if I fuck her. This was the chance I needed. I didn’t waste time and fucked her like a crazy animal and made her my bitch. She was so happy with my fucking that she said she would allow me to fuck her whenever I am in the mood.

Doll Sizes:


Height 66.1 in / 168 cm

Bra Size E cup

Bust 91 cm

Underbust N/A

Waist 60 cm

Hips 90 cm

Shoulder Width N/A

Arm Length N/A

Leg Length N/A

Foot Length 8.3 in / 21 cm

Weight 40 kg

Vaginal Depth 17 cm

Oral Depth 13 cm

Anal Depth 17 cm

Materials TPE with a Metal Skeleton

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